Skim boarding in California

I wanted to talk about my favorite skim boarding spots on the coast of California. California is an ideal skim boarding spot because of all the beautiful beaches and the great weather that lasts almost year round. Starting with San Diego, I would have to say that Pacific Beach is my favorite skim boarding spot. Not only is the boarding great but there’s tons of great restaurants and cool sports bars in the area. I sometimes take vacations that start in San Diego then I’ll head up to Orange County.

In Orange County, there’s a town called San Clemente that has some of the best skim boarding in the area. You’ll want to try to find a low key beach because the main beaches get pretty crowded and when you’re skim boarding you want to make sure there aren’t too many people around in case your board goes flying. I’ve definitely had my ankles taken out by a skim board before and it wasn’t fun! After I get my boarding done in San Clemente, I like to head up the coast about 15 minutes to Salt Creek Beach. Salt Creek is a family friendly beach that has some of the most beautiful coast line in California. There’s a dedicated surf spot at this beach which is great because skim boarding is usually free and clear in that section when there’s no surfers entering or exiting that area. From south Orange County I like to head to north a little bit to Newport and Huntington Beach. I like both of these beach towns because like San Diego, they have tons of great restaurants and bars along the Main Street areas. I usually skim board right around the piers at both of these beaches and always really enjoy myself. We actually received a message from one of our readers, Jim, whose a business owner in Arizona that owns a Tempe landscaping company, works about 70 hours per week, and takes a summer skim board vacation with his family every year in Newport Beach! We think that’s really awesome to hear that Jim works so hard throughout the year to be able to experience skim boarding with his family for a couple weeks as their chosen family retreat! Skim board on Jim!

After Orange County is over and done with, I usually head up to Los Angeles for a few days. Manhattan Beach is one of my favorite spots in LA. My next favorite spot would probably have to be Seal Beach. I always head to downtown LA after a hard days skim boarding to experience the night life here. Always a blast. The beaches are really smooth and the coastline stretches so far in these areas you can get away with skim boarding virtually anywhere. If you’re going to California, these are my favorite skim boarding spots. I haven’t made it up to norther California to skim board yet but plan on making it up there this summer and will post about it when I do. If you’re new to skim boarding and want to learn more about the basics, click here. If you have any questions or comments about skim boarding in California, drop me a line here.


Skim Boarding in Florida

Florida has coast line that goes on for days, weeks, and even months. It is one of the places that has the most “white-sand” beaches on the planet and gets fairly good weather throughout the year. You do have to be careful to not go during hurrican season because that can be a little sketchy. Also, summer is pretty nice but has humidity like you wouldn’t believe so if you’re not in to that, maybe check out our article on skim boarding in California and head to the west coast. If you live in Florida and are planning on visiting, I did want to go over some of my favorite spots.

Miami is my number one spot for skim boarding. As a 22 year old adult, I also enjoy partaking in the extremely fun night life Miami has to offer after a long day at the beach. Miami has tons of great beaches for skim boarding, the most important thing is going when there aren’t too many people there which can be tricky, especially during Spring Break. If you do make it to Miami, make sure to hit Joe’s Crab Shack right near the beach because it is literally the best restaurant (for Joe’s Crab Shacks, anyway) that I’ve eaten at in Miami.

If big muscles, hot girls, and an insane night life aren’t your cup of tea, there’s always Clearwater which is on the other side of the coast of Florida from Miami. Clearwater is a much more laid back beach town kind of vibe place that offers plenty of great beaches without the crowds and hassel that Miami can sometimes bring. The lodging accommodations are much cheaper (as to be expected) than Miami so it is a much more affordable adventure. The beaches here are so smooth that you can randomly hit anyplace on the map and you’ll find a smooth skim boarding location, guaranteed. There’s not too much I didn’t like about this place which is why it’s my second favorite skim boarding location in Florida.

My third favorite spot is a place you probably haven’t hear of, it’s call South Bay Florida and is now well-known to people no from that area. The reason is because it’s such a quiet town that they don’t do much advertising to get tourists to come out that way. This is great news! Especially for us skim board folk that have to keep a low profile and watch out for other people on the shoreline. There’s actually some great bars and restaurants here too so if you’re looking for a place to hangout after a day a the beach, there’s plenty of options.

Well, there it is friends, my 3 favorite places in Florida to skim board. I’m sure the first 1 was expected, but hopefully the other 2 brought some insight as far as some new places to check out on the southern east coast. If you’re new to skim boarding, make sure to check out my beginners article here. Thanks for reading as always, aloha!

Skimboard Basics

This article is for all you newbies out there. If you’re an experienced skim boarder, please stay tuned for future articles that will cover advanced skim boarding techniques and information. If you are new to skim boarding, I want to welcome you and go over some basic information that will help you out getting started on the right foot.

Just like skateboarding, there are 2 types of stances you can use. When you have your left foot forward on the board, that stance is called regular. When your right foot is at the front of the board, that stance is called goofy. Mostly all skim boards are built so you can use any type of stance on them but you’ll want to know this information in case someone asks you what style your stance is.

Waxing your board so your feet can grip it is extremely important. We’re not too particular as to what type of wax you use, just as long as it’s on there. Sex wax is a wax mainly used in surfing but that’s what I typically use while skim boarding. Applying wax is extremely simple, all you have to do is unwrap the wax than rub it on your board back and forth until the wax starts building up. When your board gets wet it can get slippery depending on what type of material it’s made out so waxing your board is important.

Picking a beach that has smooth sand is the best way to go, just be sure to avoid going to beaches that have a lot of rocks on or close to the shore. A lot of times you can still skim board at beaches with rocks on the shore but it can scratch up your board and also hurts a lot if you wipe out. I’ve seen some pretty nasty cuts from rocks in my day!

These things might seem really obvious but I’ve seen some people break all 3 of these basic rules and wound up paying for it so I thought it would be a good idea to mention these things. If you are just getting started and have any questions, please contact me here. I’d like to thank you for taking the time for reading this and I’m happy that you’re getting into this awesome hobby of skim boarding! If you’d like to learn more about me, please visit my about page. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing more knowledge with you!

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